Best system
to strongly protection
of your traffic
from moderators, bots and any other unwanted sources
Quick & easy
cloaking setup
in 1 minute
No technical skills required to use!
Friendly and knowledgeable support We will help with setting up the system, as well as in other matters.
All connection
methods are
php, js, cms, webview, integration into trackers, natively into applications
A complete API service for any known integrations work with traffic, statistics and advertising campaigns.
We are working
with any
advertising source
FB, GA, TikTok, Yandex, Propeller, Bing and others.

Using clicklock, you get:


Traffic control

- Powerful protection with one of three system filtering engines.

- Custom filters with maximum freedom settings.

- Intuitive setup process, with BEGINNER mode. You don't have to be a hacker to use the service.

- Ready to use connection presets including php, javascript, WordPress, Android APP and more.

- Worked out to the smallest detail connection scripts. For example, our js connection is always generated on the fly, becoming undetectable for automatic moderation systems.

Variability of processes

- Set up classic cloaking, loading pages using the provided links.

- Select cloaking via WordPress. Use it as a safe page.

- Using API cloak your Android app written in native Kotlin.

- Generate a connection script that changes the loaded page on the fly. Uniqueize the components of your case.

- Turn off the filtering engine and manage traffic your way using your distribution logic and filter bases.

System reliability

- We have over 4.500.000 addresses in our databases, as well as over 26.000.000 other filtering options.

- There are three filtering cores to choose from, or their complete shutdown. One of the cores uses a neural network for learning and automatically replenishing its databases from telemetry.

- The service is available in the cloud, so you don't need to install any libraries, you just use connection scripts.

- Excellent Geo IP localization, VPN and proxy detection provided by the power of cloud servers, forget about lags and brakes.

Support service

- A unique support service is available for our customers. We will help with the implementation of any of your ideas in technical terms.

- You can count on full support, no matter if you need to work on your server, or explain the mechanics of the process in the chat.

- Support is available through the ticket system in the dashboard, or in the live chat form in telegram.

- There is the possibility of direct contact with the clicklock creator and architect to solve more complex problems.

- Regularly updated Database with detailed service documentation.

Register with clicklock and participate in the coupon draw!

Win a lifetime nominal coupon up to 50% *

* Draw is held at the end of each month. The results are sent to the winners by mail after the lottery.
To participate in the coupon draw, you must register in the system and purchase any subscription.
Every month, one coupon with a face value of 50% and two coupons with a face value of 30% are drawn.
The results of the competition are posted on our official telegram channel.

Advantages of our technologies

Cloaking and other traffic arbitrage issues are our many years of experience, and not empty terms for speculation. Therefore, we perfectly understand both the needs of our customers and the difficulties they may face. A large number of different cases have passed through our hands, thanks to which we implement the service as efficiently as possible - both in terms of logistics and in technical terms.

Clicklock is located on the most powerful cloud servers, and a well-thought-out internal structure for storing data and working with them ensures maximum processing speed and uninterrupted processes. Additionally, taking into account the needs of all customers, we tried to reduce the technical requirements for our service as much as possible. Therefore, its use is possible on almost any hosting with PHP support, regardless of its performance.

Connection script generator

- Unique script generator in which you can set up that work logic for your connection that you need just for you.

- The ability to change the content of loaded pages will give you superiority as a unique safepage.

- Tune every aspect of the script, from php to js connections, when using cms or stand-alone.

- Save script presets for the convenience of further work.

- Download and use your scripts unlimited

3 filter cores

- standard core - our proprietary core, which takes into account a large number of incoming parameters and has an extensive database of moderators and bots of various advertising platforms.

- kernel with artificial intelligence - a core based on a neural network. Constantly analyzes all passing traffic and modernizes its approaches to filtering.

- community core - the core in which all active clicklock users are directly involved. Methods and approaches to filtering are largely dependent on the community.

- disabling the core - allows you to freely manage traffic using only custom filtering settings, without the participation of the filtering core.

Rich set of filters

          - VPN filter

          - filter ipv6

          - GEO filter (countries + cities)

          - ISP filter

          - filter by devices

          - REFERER filter

           - User-Agent filter

          - filter by parameter names URL

          - filter by parameter values URL

          - filter by time of day

More about clicklock service

Our mission for the foreseeable future is to create and develop the most convenient and reliable cloaker clicklocker for affiliates, developers and marketers. An advanced tool, maximum working, convenient and efficient.

Therefore, we have thought over our dashboard to the smallest detail. Inside is excellent, fast statistics in real time. As well as a complete set of tools for distributing your traffic.

Aware of the different levels of involvement of our users, we decided to introduce BEGINNER mode - in which the entire interface and settings will be as simplified as possible. You do not need to have any knowledge - the interface will guide you "by the hand" through the setup and integration up to getting a working advertising link.

At the same time, you always have the opportunity to switch the interface to PRO mode and take advantage of advanced controls.

Responsible approach

- Just like you, we value privacy. All your data is stored in an encrypted, decentralized form. Access to them is securely limited to your account.

- Your traffic, your wealth. We give our customers confidence in its security and target direction. You don't have to worry about traffic drops or click stealing. Our service plays in the big leagues.

- We regularly develop and improve the service itself and our filtering cores. The market is dynamic, we understand this and are ahead of the curve. Therefore, when using clicklock, you can be sure that your cases are reliable.

- All correspondence with support and other your data is confidential and is not transferred to third parties.

Loyal attitude

- Respecting your needs and the variety of tasks you face, we have prepared a dynamic payment system. You can reduce the cost of your tariff by choosing a limited bandwidth per day.

- For regular customers, we have significant discounts for a long-term subscription. When ordering for half a year, you get a free month. For a year - 3 free months. For two years - as much as 8 free months.

- In addition, you can always use a promotional code from our partners, or won in the monthly clicklock lottery. The discount percentage depends on the coupon, other conditions are possible, and reaches 50%. Also, the amount of such a discount is added to other bonuses.

Price calculator - find out how much your tariff can cost:

Traffic limit (clicks per day):
500 000 1 000 000 UNLIMITED
UNLIMITED ads_click
Subscription term:
1 6 12 12 24
24 months date_range
START 1 thread + cloaking
+ script generator
ADVANCE 10 threads + cloaking
+ script generator
+ 1 subaccount
PRO all_inclusive threads + cloaking
+ script generator
+ unlimited subaccounts
+ priority support
$133/month price without discount: $4800 subscription cost: $3200 discount: $1600 = 8 months free
If you have a discount coupon - you can check it in action: local_offer calculate

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